Amusement Park Simulation Life Size Dinosaur migration Animatronic Dinosaurs

 7th November 2018 

A Big Show of Simulation Life Size Dinosaur migration.

Welcome to the Jurassic !!

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———Dino Walk———



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Amusement Park Simulation Life Size Dinosaur migration Animatronic Dinosaurs  

Amusement Park Simulation Life Size Dinosaur migration Animatronic Dinosaurs xhibition


Animatronic Usage

Amusement park equipment, playground equipment, outdoor playground and indoor playground equipment, science center,museum exhibits, theme park exhibits, education models, decoration equipments, model toys, festival exhibits, and holiday equipment and so on.


Dino Walk (Over 10 years' experience for manufacturing animatronic dinosaurs)


Well treated steel frame,high-density sponge,environmental silicone rubber


CE certificated Motors for driving animatronics' movements

Warranty period

1 years

(We offer life-time technology service)


Life Size (We can customize the dinosaur as you need)


Normal movements 

1.Mouth open and close synchronize with the sound.
2.Eyes blink.


Lifelike Dinosaur roaring sound.


Chosen by our customers or we can provide some suggestions in different environment


Depends on the order from customers

Packaging Details

You can choose Simple Packing: wooden case/ Air case and this model is needed to cut into some parts for shipment.


Based on the original fossil was discovered, with modern voice, light, electricity, mechanism to produce. It could accomplish the movements of eyes, mouth, head, hand, tail, stomach breath, walking, laying an egg, sitting and riding, and making voice. Start up by infrared inducing, microcomputer control movements and voices. People could find a real feeling on the movements and voices. The products are used on museum, scientific museum, park, tour sight, square, and marketplace.


———High-Class   Materials———  



We always choose the best material suppliers,such as High density sponge, well treated steel,CE certificated motors and so on.all suppliers need to be checked by our purchasing department.


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———Abroad   Show———


Amusement Park Simulation Life Size Durable Dinosaur Head Animatronic Dinosaur Head Model For Exhibition