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Most amazing giant dinosaur beyond your imagination


You must have seen elephants, how huge itis,right?   

It’s the biggest terrestrial animal in theworld now. But can you imagine the animals which are even 20 times heavier thanelephants? The Titanosauriformes  lived in hundred-million years  ago is the largest animal up to now.

Now let’s talkabout it!

The eight-meterlong Plateosaurus is the largest and commonest dinosaurs in Triassic period. Itlooks like dangerous behemoth with huge body and bigclaws. Actually they are herbivorous dinosaurs and their claws are used for self-defense.

Brachiosaurus is the heaviest sauropod dinosaurs. Its body weight is 80 tons and body height canreach 16 meters when brachiosaurus stretches out its neck.

Most of Titanosauriformes have long necks such as Mamenchisaurusand Barosaurus. Whats more, Diplodocus and Apatosaurus have the longest tailsover 15 meters. And the heaviest terrestrial animallived on the earth must be Argentinosaurus, whose body weight can reach100 tons.

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